Lucina Analytics has proven to reduce preterm birthrates to save millions of dollars in just a few months.

We’ll help you to:


Over 3000 + early pregnancy identifiers to locate mothers as early as possible.


Unique dynamic risk stratification technology to help reach at-risk


Care managers get tools needed to communicate early and often with personalized care plans.


We measure everything. Our reports measure your success and identify opportunities for improvement.

You have the power to improve the preterm birth rate.

It’s time for all of us to do more to improve maternal health in our country. Preterm birthrates are on the rise and are a national shame. We have the worst maternal death and preterm birth rates of any developed country. The United States is far behind, but technologies making improvements are now within reach.

See where your state grades out in the March of Dimes’ latest Premature Birth Report Cards.

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