LOUISVILLE–February 15, 2019– Lucina Health, the leading women’s maternity analytics platform, will hold its inaugural event, Preterm Birth and Maternal Mortality: A Community Conversation on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Preterm birth and maternal mortality are national crises, with rates in the United States higher than any other developed country. Kentucky and the city of Louisville were both given “D” grades by the March of Dimes on its latest Preterm Birth Report Card.

Legislative efforts throughout the country are also focused on maternal mortality, with the recent passage of laws by Congress to make the birth process safer for women. The upcoming event will help bring awareness to the issues facing mothers and babies, as well as their social implications.

The panel discussion on March 12 will be held in the Ali Center’s auditorium and will begin at 6:00 p.m. Speakers and panelists include experts from the medical, managed care, social work, government, and community engagement fields:

  • Kevin Bramer, CEO, Lucina Health
  • Sarah Moyer, MD, Director, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness
  • Mark Carter, CEO, Passport Health Plan
  • Sadiqa Reynolds, Esq., President and CEO, Louisville Urban League
  • Cutia Bacon Brown, LCSW, Clinical Supervisor, Mindful Direction Counseling Services
  • Larry Griffin, MD, Medical Director, Women’s Health, Evolent Health
  • Divya Cantor, MD, Cantor Consulting

“Lucina Health has been working for more than three years to improve the health of moms and babies, with some great local partners” said Kevin Bramer, CEO. “It’s time that our community got engaged in an effort to improve the preterm birth rate in Louisville and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

With its focus on education and social justice, the Muhammad Ali Center is the perfect venue for the inaugural community conversation. Preterm birth rates show significant racial disparities, with the numbers 49% higher for African American women in the United States.

“The Ali Center is focused on education and gender equality,” commented Donald E. Lassere, President and CEO of the Center. “We believe the time is right for this event to educate our community and inspire them to work toward improving Louisville’s critical situation for mothers and babies.”

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