On January 31, 2019, Lucina Health and the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) hosted an important webcast on preterm birth with thought leaders from March of Dimes, Humana, and Passport Health Plan.

During this webcast moderated by Lucina Health’s Director of Clinical Services Donna McGee, we heard about preterm birth impacts from our panelists’ unique perspectives and what powerful technology resources they are using to see positive impacts.

Click here to view the webcast.

Moderator: Donna McGee, Director of Clinical Services, Lucina Health
 Lucina Health is a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the leading women’s maternity analytics platform to innovative health plans, Medicaid providers and public entities.

Panel Members:
Jessamyn Ressler-Maerlender, MPH, CPXP, NICU Innovations Lead, March of Dimes
For over 80 years the March of Dimes has been leading the fight for the health of all moms and babies. They support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every baby can have the best possible start.
Tom McMahon, Market Vice President, Humana
Humana is committed to helping millions of medical and specialty members achieve their best health. They have a successful history in care delivery and health plan administration to improve health and well-being and lower costs.
Dr. Stephen Houghland, Chief Medical Officer, Passport Health Plan
Passport Health Plan is a provider-sponsored, non-profit, community-based health plan administering Medicaid benefits to more than 310,000 Kentuckians. Passport administers Medicaid benefits for both Medicaid and Medicare members. 

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